The HUFCOR ESS 7600 & 5600 Series incorporates the exclusive ESS Seal System for applications requiring semi-automatic operation.

Electric Seal System

Panels have both top and bottom retractable seals giving nominal top clearance of 32mm [1-1/4”] and 40mm [1-1/2”] nominal bottom clearance when retracted. An electrically powered motor unit housed within the panel activates the seals. This unit is fed from the main supply via an AC and DC transformer connected to contact plugs housed within the fixed wall jamb. The same arrangement is used to transfer power from one panel to other. The operator can control motor operation using a control switch with option of both extended and retracting the seals.

Emergency Override

In case of power failure, the panels can be operated using back up battery.

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  • Retractable Top & Bottom Seals
    Panels have both top and bottom seals giving nominal top clearance of 32mm [1-1/4”] and 40mm [1-1/2”] nominal bottom clearance when retracted. Seals can be activated electrically.
  • Deep Interlocking Vertical Seals
    Vertical seals have deep interlocking tongue and groove intersection as opposed to plain concave and convex sections.
  • Full Perimeter Aluminum frame
    It provides edge protection. It also provides a handhold when moving the panels and helps to keep the panel faces clean longer. Aluminum is more resistant to humidity and other adverse weather conditions than steel.
  • Fast and Easy to Install
    HUFCOR ESS 7600 & 5600 Series are supplied ready for connection to the power supply circuit (24V/DC). And in the event of power failure, a back up battery is available.
  • Variable Layouts Possible
    The semi-automatic variant offers all the flexibility of layout and operation offered by manual models. Panels can also be equipped with integrated glazed and passdoor elements.
  • Optimum Acoustic Separation
    The panels are lab tested as per ASTM standards for sound transmission control ratings.
  • Unlimited Finish Options Available
    Apart from standard finishes like vinyl, carpet and fabric, the panels are designed to accommodate custom finishes which can even be applied at site. Replacement of damaged finish is easier due to the unique design of sliding fascia boards.
  • Patented Track and Carrier System
    Quieter, stronger and maintenance-free operation.
  • Accessories
    All standard accessories such as passdoor and visual elements are available as an option.

HUFCOR quality track system assures your partitions will move easily for years to come and enhance fast panel set-up and take-down.

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