Aluminum 5000R


Aluminum 5000R is an integral part of HUFCOR’s product line which is the broadest available from any operable walls manufacturer. A strong, lightweight 6063-T6 architectural aluminum frame surrounds and protects the face of each panel and a 83mm (3 1/4”) thick Aluminum 5000R panel means less storage space. Its sophisticated vertical and horizontal seal systems create optimum acoustic separations with STC rating of up to 51. The top-hung Aluminum 5000R panels are available in heights of up to 5 meters (16 ft) without the need for floor tracks or floor guides.

HUFCOR’s globally-proven multi-directional trolley systems create the easiest movement through turns and crosses to remote storage. And our quick-setting seal system creates the fastest operable wall setup and storage.

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  • Operable top seal (available on all models) retracts for easy and smooth panel movement.
  • Interlocking vertical seals for superior acoustics.
  • Rigid, reinforced, non-deflection frame.
  • Faces of chipboard, steel or gypsum board that can be factory or field decorated.
  • Laminated construction provides superior panel flatness and high-impact resistance.
  • Quick-setting seal operation (no tedious cranking).
  •  Pressure-type retractable floor seal for superior acoustical performance.

HUFCOR quality track system assures your partitions will move easily for years to come and enhance fast panel set-up and take-down.

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